Damage from trespassers

New trampling of paths occurs weekly. This destroys the cover and habitat for the animals and contributes to soil erosion. Trash dumping, illegal activity and overnight camping contributes to the problem. The indecent trespassers are often locals from the community. They are often intoxicated. They need to be stopped. If you have any knowledge of the perpetrators, please email info@globalstewardinitiative.com, report online to the Earth Discovery Institute “eyes on the land” or call the local sheriff. Do not engage the trespassers as they have been hostile and violent.
New foot path one of three during the month of September. Originates from private property . 40 transplanted seedlings were crushed. Tracks were shoe prints, not animal.
Path from south west that has been continually used to access illegally. The path has been blocked many times and illuminated with solar powered lights with signs posted “no trespassing”. The blockade is repeatedly broken down and there are new vehicle and people tracks/trash daily/weekly. Sometimes it is only checked weekly as there are not enough resources to patrol more often.

This is a plea to the trespassers to stay off the land. This is protected land and personal property, not a place to hike, walk your dog, set of fireworks, use drugs, drink with your friends, trample experimental grounds or to disturb the animals. There are plenty  of other places in San Diego for those other activities. Be respectful and responsible. If the land does not belong to you, STAY OFF. Soil erosion, trash, destruction of cover, senseless killing of animals and further endangering the threatened animals are but a few of the impacts . Downhill and down stream impacts are felt on private property and include criminal assault and vandalism.img_3880 img_3879 img_3878 img_3877   img_3874 img_3872 img_3871 img_3870 img_3869    img_3864 img_3863 img_3862 img_3861 img_3860 img_3859 img_3857 img_3856 img_3855 img_3854 img_3853