Sustainable land management and stewardship of endangered habitats is dramatically set back by constant trespassers

Trespassers taking down signs and leaving them on private property near front door
Trespassers on motorbikes and mountain bikes tire along with trespassers on foot are trampling seedlings, causing soil erosion and destroying longitudinal studies. Intermixed are animal tracks.
Fence vandalism. Tire marks and replacement of broken stack from once placed upright 2 feet away show this is human vandalism, not an animal that ran into the fence

  img_3750 upright post left by trespassers. Wanton disrespect for personal property and habitat. img_3754 img_3755 stolen/removed post img_3756  Trespassers destroyed the red rattle snake habitat and the cover that was growing nutritious plants for deer and rabbits by using it as a dirt bike jump. Snakes are no longer under the cover. These had snakes had been studied and protected for over a year by the Global Stewards Academy students.

More motorized vehicles

This giant, jetted bathtub was dumped on the property several years ago. It was repurposed into a habitat for the Red Rattle Snakes underneath and as an experimental model for repopulating barren soil.  Many different plants and seeds were cultivated on top with variable soil parameters and watering. In addition to serving as a habitat, “herpetology haven” served as the scaffolding for important sustainable application  experiments.  Dr. Drinkwine hoped to publish the studies and share the data with the UN to improve land conditions in areas affected by desertification.  In one day, hundreds of hours of volunteer work, a longitudinal experiment with real world, widespread impact, and the snakes’ home, was ruined.img_3757 img_3758 img_3759 img_3760 img_3761 img_3762 img_3763 img_3764 img_3765 img_3766 img_3768 img_3769 img_3770 img_3771 img_3772 img_3773 img_3775 img_3776 img_3777 seedlings trampled and uncovered by boots. Four month long experiment ruined.img_3778 img_3779 img_3780  img_3782 img_3783 img_3784 img_3785 img_3786 img_3787 img_3788 img_3789 img_3790 img_3791 img_3792 img_3793 img_3794 img_3795 img_3796 img_3797 img_3798 img_3799 img_3800 blockade removed by trespassers and they walk or ride up the hill past the obvious “no trespassing” signimg_3801 remnants of the blockade are strewn about the trampled path.img_3803 img_3804 img_3805 img_3806 img_3807 img_3808 wear from humansimg_3809 img_3810 img_3811 img_3812 img_3813 img_3814 personal property succulents trampled and perimeter fence broken. Shoe prints that do not belong to the landowners.img_3815 img_3816 img_3817 img_3818 img_3819 more newly trampled paths in August and Septemberimg_3820 img_3821 img_3822 img_3823 dirt bikes noise not only scare the animals, but damages private property. Same tracks as near the trampled succulents.img_3824 img_3825 img_3826 img_3827 img_3828 img_3829 New paths around the blocked off paths pop up overnightimg_3832 img_3833 img_3835 img_3836  note the cracking in the earth of this abused path

img_3837  img_3839 img_3840 ribbon across paths and routine raking of the soil show continuous human trespassersimg_3841 img_3842 img_3843 img_3844 access from south on Suncrest   img_3847 img_3848 img_3849 img_3850 img_3851 img_3852 img_3853 img_3854 img_3855 img_3856 img_3857 img_3859 img_3860 img_3861 img_3862 img_3863 img_3864 img_3865   brazen abuse and trespass shown by newer path originating on Drinkwine’s private property and trampled straight up the hill.

img_3867 img_3869  img_3871 img_3872 img_3873  img_3875  img_3877 img_3878 img_3879  img_3882

Call for action:

EHC board of directors, we need action now! Please,

  1. Approve an easement for the Drinkwine Family to continue their stewardship of the land, protect their personal property and protect their safety.  This is free. The Drinkwine Family Trust and Global Stewards will continue, as they have for 6 years, to bear the financial burden and labor associated with protecting the land.
  2. Environmental Habitat Conservancy, protect the area as charged by fiduciary duty, and protect the meaningful experiments Dr. J. Drinkwine and Global Stewards have carefully developed to contribute to the sustainability and renewal of the ecosystem.