The Initiatives


Global Steward Initiative and Academy strive to make critical connections where they are needed most. This is accomplished through a multi-faceted approach to education and life-long character development  based on observation, appreciation, integrity, poignancy and skills mastery.




Caring is Contagious -nonprofit

Caring is contagious, so pass it on. A hand up will have a longer lasting effect than a hand out, but never turn your back on someone in genuine need. Address the root of the problem and create a sustainable solution. Those endowed with gifts should use them responsibly.



Global Stewards Academy-private

The Global Stewards Academy is more than a private school. Successful program completion makes one eligible for Initiative Membership. Mandarin, Spanish, plus one other language are required. Piano, violin and guitar are required. Golf is required. Cross country, martial arts, football, soccer, swimming, skiing and snowboarding are optional.

Programming /computer literacy-mandatory.

GSA has a comprehensive, rigorous academic curriculum which includes STEM, visual and performing arts, in depth historical studies and “learning on location.” Field trips are required  a passport is required.

In addition to academic success, GSA emphasizes global awareness curriculum-political and social, challenging of prejudices and ideals, intensive, embedded cultural studies and minimum of fluency in English, Spanish and Mandarin

technological fluency,medical education,renewable resource examination, engineering, and system improvement, non-denominational foundation built on ethics evidence-based practices

The Global Stewards Academy creates leaders dedicated to being responsible, innovative, thoughtful and informed.


Live responsibly and well. Remember, life is not about how many days you live, but how well you live each of those days .


AngelBaby Foundation-nonprofit

This initiative helps to ease suffering.  Initially called “Random acts for Rose” and designed to ease some of the pain associated with neonatal and infant death,  it became clear that any ill child, anxious  or heartbroken  deserved any help we could provide. Bereavement care and resources are a main focus, But Angel Baby Foundation makes a graceful effort to help anyone that reaches out on behalf of a desperate child or family.


Sustainable Suncrest-nonprofit experiment-funded by Drinkwine’s

Working toward zero waste large, greater than 3,000 sq ft, residential home, in less than 10 years. Micro farming and hydroponically grown crops are donated to help combat San Diego food insecurity . Reverseing desertification, desalination and biome effect data are large parts of the project. Hoping to write a grant to help with experimental expenses and to implement transpiration water system and hydroponics farm in cellar. Grant writers and population geneticists WANTED!



A.F.Wilcox Sustainable Land Management and Construction – Licensed general and specialty contractors that are partering with the Initiative to help make these projects feasible


Sustainable CA wine growers and makers- non profit


Napa Valley and San Diego County vineyards donated by the Drinkwine Family to produce revenue to fund Initiative projects .